Art Assistant

Production Designer: Eleanor Field

June '11

Frog/Robot is an off-kilter comedy about a girl who thinks more than she says, and a boy that says more than he thinks. An original short which distils the eccentricity, adrenaline and glorius awkwardness of falling in love into a fractured medeley of memories; memories that fuel one big sexy-sex-gear-filled night for boy and girl - reminding us that the biggest moments happen when we're really not lookng. The events of the film take place on the off-beat: the scenes crash into life at a humdrum, real-time pace, chopped up by moments of suspended animation when - for girl and boy - the rest of the world stops turning altogether.

Written by Sian Robins-Grace

Directed by Chanya Button

Produced by Tim Phillips
Cinematography by Carlos De Carvalho

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